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Chinese Tuition Fees

Our Chinese tuition fees below are for private one-to-one classes (1 teacher : 1 student).

 4 hours






 10 hours


Save S$50



Save $40



Save €30



Save £30



Save A$30



Save H$300

 20 hours


Save S$200



Save $140



Save €140



Save £100



Save A$160



Save H$1200

 30 hours


Save S$390



Save $270



Save €240



Save £180



Save A$300



Save H$2100

 40 hours


Save S$600



Save $440



Save €400



Save £240



Save A$520 


Save H$3400

  • Above rates are for private one-to-one Chinese classes
  • For purchases above 40 hours, 40-hour rate will apply.
  • For purchases below 4 hours, 4-hour rate will apply. 
  • The minimum hours required for us to set up a program is 4 hours.

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